Orbit Electronix tape echo information
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Hi we will be posting more information and maintainance tips on this page so keep an eye out.

Demystifying tape head demagnetizing.
1) Demagnetizing  will not fix your machine. If your maching is not recording properly demagnetizing the heads will not fix it. The problem is somewhere else.
2) You have to use extreme caution when you de-mag your heads or you will ruin the heads. Nope. Believe it or not you can de-mag even with the machine running. The demagnetizing wand wont hurt the heads.
3) You do not have to de-mag all the time. The reason you demagnetize the heads is because over time, the heads can build up a small charge on them. This does not hurt the heads but it will dull the high end frequency response. So if your high frequencies are getting dull sounding go ahead and demagnetize the heads.

1) use regular cotton swabs and plain rubbing alcohol to clean the heads, rollers and ALL tape paths. Thats it pretty easy.
If you are cleaning a machine that has not been properly serviced for a while you can use lacquer thinner ONLY. NOT paint thinner or acetone. The thinner will cut the grease, dirt and film and is still safe for your rubber, plastic and metal parts.
2) Make sure you clean and lube the roller shafts and use a spot of lithium grease (be careful not to get it everywhere)
3) Clean the belt drive mechanism. The belt, the grooves etc..
4) DO NOT USE rubber conditioner EVER!!!
Rubber treatment products put a coat on the roller. This chemical coat will transfer itself to the tape causing the tape to stick to itself and jam. Rubber treatment chemicals might be OK for a regular tape recorder but not good for endless loop machine.  If your pinch roller is worn send it to Terrys Rubber Roller http://www.terrysrubberrollers.com/
and have Terry service it properly. Worth every penny.

Tape type
1) You have to use lubricated tape in your machine.
You do not HAVE to use the lubricated tape. If you find a tape that works and sounds good you are probably OK.
2) You can not use "mastering tape" it is like sandpaper to your heads. Totally wrong!!!
Why is "mastering tape" totally fine for a $30,000 tape machine but bad for your little tape echo? It is not bad for your tape echo machine. If mastering tape wore out heads then it would destroy every machine that it is used in. ATR and Ampex 456 works great in the Echoplex machines and Ampex 632 and ATR works good in the Roland "tray" style machines.

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